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Ghost Kit Pro available for personal, freelancer and agency licenses.
All licenses offer extra features (see below) for Ghost Kit plugin. The only differences – is the number of sites.


$ 47
Includes all PRO features + unlimited updates per year for 1 website


Includes all PRO features + unlimited updates per year for 10 websites


Includes all PRO features + unlimited updates per year for Unlimited websites

14-day money back guarantee for new purchases.
No questions asked.



Scroll text and blocks in a marquee effect

Interactive Links

Interactive links with media displayed on hover

Magnifying Image

Image with magnifying glass effect

Image Scroller

Scroll tall images with hover or mouse scroll

Circle Button

Circle button with circular text

Toggle Content

Switch content by clicking on toggle button


Advanced Effects

Deep customizations for effects based on scroll, hover, loop, etc…

Block Attributes

Add custom attributes to use it for custom scripts


Add transforms to blocks and customize transitions

Content Formatting

  • Tooltips
    Add hover tooltips to any text with additional info
  • Spoiler
    Hide part of the text under spoiler
  • Stroke
    Change text color to transparent and add stroke to it
  • Animated Text
    Typed text for all elements like paragraphs and headings

More Features

  • Custom Breakpoints
    Customize responsive breakpoints for Grid and other blocks
  • Gradients
    Use gradients in backgrounds, icons and badges
  • Custom Fonts
    Use Adobe Fonts (Typekit) and Custom user fonts
  • 6 Icon Packs
    Additional icon packs for Ghost Kit blocks
  • 30 Shapes
    Additional shapes for Shape Divider block
  • Additional Settings for Reveal Effect
    Additional settings for effect like 3D Rotation, Custom Viewport, Replay Animation